Dual Career Guidelines for higher
education institutions

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The main aim of the project is to create Dual Career Guidelines for higher education institutions (HEI) and strengthen Dual Career policies in all EU countries, especially in the countries, where Dual Career policy is at early stage.

More Than Gold is going to collect the best practices about different activities for students, which can help youngest students (for instance Career center services, psychologist services, mentoring program for young students etc.) to start studies.

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As the result we will develop Methodology material for HEI in order to show how already existing activities in HEI which can be used for supporting Dual Career.

The Project is paying additional attention to one of the biggest problems in the area of Dual Career: when it comes to athletes’ preparation, there is so-called “bottleneck” – the graduation time.

When young athletes finish middle school or sports school not all students have reached such mastery being 18 years’ old that could provide penetration to the Olympic Unit, some master team or club providing athletic skill development, continuing training in the previous intense mode.

The smartest of the young athletes withstand the competition and become students of some university, but they are forced to stop the sporting career on a high-achievement because most of the universities are financially unable to provide training and competition mode according to high achievements in sports requirements.